Portrait of a Doomed Art Project

There might come a time in your life – or perhaps that time has already occurred – when you see a piece of art and think “I bet I could make that!” (Not in the dismissive way that people say “My two-year-old could paint that” but rather “That’s a good idea that seems within my range of skills.”)



I encourage you to rage, rage against the DIY art muse – she’s a Siren designed to lure you to a dimly lit basement sink with eight yards of burlap and four bleeding Rit dye packets.

Basement Art

Basement Dye

These are the sails of a craft shipwreck.

Doomed Art

28 thoughts on “Portrait of a Doomed Art Project

  1. Where would innovation and originality be without the DIY or art muse ?

    Never mind if you’re disapointed with the result. On a first try there’s usually always some room for improvement.

    Keep experimenting ! You do a great job !



  2. I am crying laughing. You are my long lost DIY blogging twin. I have quite of few of these craft fails on my blog if it makes you feel any better. I love reading when other do too b/c it makes me feel human. :) You know what may work if you want to try again? Food colouring. Or do what I would do buy the burlap in the colors already dyed. Sometimes time saving = sanity.

  3. I am not an artist but I always think “I can paint that!” Never tried and I’m quite scared to! Love that you went for the gold! Great job!

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