Hi! I’m Marti Palermo. My husband Jarrod and I live in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, where we purchased a fixer-upper bungalow in 2015. I like to keep myself busy with projects and this website is a record of what I’ve tackled. I’ve been blogging in fits and starts since 2010. I started as a renter: check out the Apartment Tour page to see our last apartment. For an overview of our house, head to the Bungalow Tour page.

I’m an employee communications manager. Jarrod works at Northwestern University in the sponsored research department. We’re DINKs by choice, but love being an aunt and uncle to our siblings’ kids. I do all of my DIY projects solo – Jarrod is responsible for grocery shopping and cocktail making. I get excited about: new tools, vintage furniture, cheese popcorn, houseplants, and to-do lists.

I have no ambitions to monetize my blog – in fact, I pay for it to be an ad-free space. That means none of my posts are sponsored and I receive no compensation for any products I link to. I like being a small non-profit corner of the internet. You can contact me by leaving a comment or emailing ProjectPalermoBlog@gmail.com.

Oh, yeah, and: when I say “project!”, I’m channeling Cher Horowitz and her love of makeovers.  I was unable to find this scene on YouTube, which left me with no choice but to rent the DVD from Netflix, set up a tripod in front of our TV, and record this clip for you with my digital camera.

And here’s a favorite old photo of my grandmother and me. I’ve been painting things white since 1998.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found you and my head is exploding with new ideas! (the same way it does when I walk into Hobby Lobby). Nice to meet you!

  2. Hey, Just stumbeled upon you homepage looking for retro 60s,70s, 80s furniture. Just by curiosity, do you know the brand for the couch, dining table, chairs? They are awsome!


    1. Thanks, Anton! The couch we bought new from Room & Board. The dining table and chairs are unmarked, so I don’t think they’re anything special brand-wise, just good-looking vintage design.

  3. I enjoy your site. You should know, however, that someone has rated your site as untrustworthy on the Web of Trust (Poor for Child Safety & Content). I’m sure this is not something you want to hear, but thought you should know. (Don’t post this comment as it has no relevance to your site’s content.)

  4. I just found your blog via Instagram. Your house is lovely – congratulations! And I can’t wait to read more. Adding to feedly.

  5. My husband and I just bought a bungalow in Kilbourn Park. It’s been updated but we want to put our own stamp on it and your blog has a wealth of inspiration. Thank you!

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