Portrait of a Doomed Art Project

There might come a time in your life – or perhaps that time has already occurred – when you see a piece of art and think “I bet I could make that!” (Not in the dismissive way that people say “My two-year-old could paint that” but rather “That’s a good idea that seems within my range of skills.”)



I encourage you to rage, rage against the DIY art muse – she’s a Siren designed to lure you to a dimly lit basement sink with eight yards of burlap and four bleeding Rit dye packets.

Basement Art

Basement Dye

These are the sails of a craft shipwreck.

Doomed Art

Internet Shopping FAIL

Sometimes the interwebs just do you wrong, ya know?

Take, for example, the Burpee order I placed weeks ago.  Shipping live plants didn’t seem risky to me considering that baby chicks are shipped via USPS all the time.  But these vegetables were doomed (the same fate many baby chicks face as well, I suppose).  They shipped out later than promised and arrived today deader than acceptable.

Burpee Fail


The basil and two of the tomato plants will recover, but Burpee is dead to me now.

Burpee Tomato Plants

In other news, I was excited to find a wool kilim runner for cheap ($40!) on Overstock.com. “Why do you need more rugs?” you might ask. To which I would reply “Shut it.

Problem is, though they share the same item number, one of these is not like the other.

Runner Fail

To their credit, they did send me a rug.  A long one, even.  So, points for effort, I guess.