Operation Obscurement: DIY Window Film

Getting to the point: our kitchen window view isn’t great.

Kitchen Window View

I wanted to obscure this view – especially because we can see straight into our neighbor’s kitchen and they into ours – without sacrificing the small amount of light we get through the window.

After initially considering Gila window film, I balked when I saw that it was 20 bucks plus the cost of the application kit.  I decided instead to try making some free, homemade window film using the same technique I employed to cover the mirror on our bathroom medicine cabinet.

Fabric Covered Window

I used a mixture of starch and water to adhere thin white fabric to the bottom window.  I chose not to do the top window because I wanted to let in as much light as possible.  Just as I did for the bathroom project, I cut the fabric a little bigger than needed and applied it to the glass, using a defunct debit card to push it tightly into the edges. The next day, after it had dried, I used my X-Acto knife to cut off the excess fabric.  It was very easy and much more precise than if I had measured it.

Kitchen Window

I completed this a while back and the fabric has held up really well.  It lets in a soft light while nicely obscuring the view and providing privacy.

Window Ledge

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