Half-Bathroom Renovation is Underway!

Today our contractor started work on our half-bathroom renovation! I wanted to pop in on this ol’ dusty blog to let you know that I will be posting progress shots on Instagram Stories – if you’re interested, you should check out those before they expire. I’m @martipalermo. I’ll do blog posts as well after the fact, so no worries if you’re not on Instagram.

Half Bathroom Plastic.JPG

While I have you here, I thought I’d share some before pics of the bathroom and point out a few things I’m excited to change.

First Floor Bathroom.jpg

To be honest, this half-bath is fine. Everything is working, and it’s relatively modern (remodeled within the past 20 years). It’s not glaringly ugly but, to quote this blog’s namesake, it’s a full-on Monet: from far away, it’s OK, but up close…

Half Bath Monet.jpg

Ugh. Beige tile town.

Half Bath Toilet Before.jpg

The bathroom is small: smaller than 4′ x 8′. Because it’s tucked next to/under our stairs, there are odd ~features~ that make the square footage even more limited. There’s this angled wall, which I can fit under perfectly.

Half Bath Mirror.jpg

And this support post bump-out.

Half Bath Tile Tower.jpg

The tile job reminds me of Pokey from Mario Brothers.


We can’t do anything to change those elements because they’re structural, but I do hope to make them a little more seamless with the rest of the room.

Speaking of seams, this ceiling will be replaced with new drywall. It will fix that ridge you see in the foreground and the stair-step in the background.

Ceiling Ridge 2.jpg

On this wall, the junction box will be lowered to a standard 78″, so the new light fixture won’t crowd the ceiling. The switches and outlet will be moved next to the door, so guests don’t have to fumble looking for them and I can hang a centered, larger mirror.

Half Bath Mirror Before.jpg

This vanity will be replaced with one from IKEA that I am customizing; see vague plans in my last post and a sneak peek on Instagram.

Half Bath Vanity Before.jpg

The sink and the cat are the only things staying! And the cat is on thin ice, so we’ll see about that. (You know what you did, Doozy.)

Half Bath Sink.jpg

More to come!

Update: see the rest of the posts here!

4 thoughts on “Half-Bathroom Renovation is Underway!

  1. I always look forward to your projects, Marti. I can’t wait to see what you do with this bathroom. Currently, all of that tile reminds me of a swimming pool. :)

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