Bathroom Makeover Plan

When I gave you a tour of the second floor bathroom, I mentioned possibly replacing the sink ahead of a complete bathroom remodel. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that’s exactly what I ended up doing. In my greatest DIY victory to date, I wrestled IKEA plumbing into submission.


Backing up: I don’t love the granite tile, but it’s in great shape and I can live with it for several years. The sink and medicine cabinet, however, downgraded the bathroom from “pretty okay!” to “haaaaate it.” I decided that since I could replace the most glaring offenders and consider this bathroom “done for now,” it was worth the time and money.


I’m still putting the finishing touches on the bathroom, but I wanted to share the product round-up with you now! Here’s what I’m working with – it’s a mix of new things and things I already had:

Bathroom Makeover Big ThingsShower Curtain  /  Light Fixture  /  Mirror /  Faucet  /  Vanity & Sink  /  Rug

Bathroom Makeover Small ThingsDoor Knob  /  Tissue Box  /  Hooks  /  Plants  /  Shower Curtain Rings  /  Cabinet Knob  /  Toilet Paper Holder  /  Hinges  /  Soap Dispenser  /  Basket  /  Pot

The mirror was the biggest splurge. I logged a thousand hours online looking for something less expensive that 1) I liked nearly as much, 2) fit our space requirements, and 3) works with the wall tile that juts out 3/4″ from the drywall. There was nothing else. So, when Rejuvenation had a sale, I jumped. Expenditure approved! I am still pretty giddy about this mirror: it’s so nice to make decorating decisions as a homeowner that I wouldn’t have made as a renter, and to invest in high-quality products that will be in the house for a long time.

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