New House Tour: Upstairs

It’s time for a house tour! Let’s start upstairs. There are two bedrooms, one on either side of the bathroom.


Both of the bedrooms are gigantic: approximately 20’x12′. They’re in decent shape, albeit filthy.


Those mirrored closet doors have to go! When we* paint, I’m going to paint the angled walls the same as the wall color — not the ceiling color — which I think will make them look less steep.


*Full disclosure: we’re actually not painting. I’m paying someone to do it for the first time! It’s simply too huge a job for us to tackle ahead of move-in (mid-August), as every single thing in the house needs to be painted: ceilings, walls, closets, doors, and trim. More importantly, I want to have a professional paint job for our first home. We have to spend a lot of money on not-fun stuff that we can’t even really see (more on that another day), so it’s worth it to me to splurge on one thing that will make a huge difference in how we feel about the house on move-in day.


The huge window has some water damaged trim, but that’s nothing primer and paint can’t fix. There’s no evidence of mold growing (unlike our basement – more on that another day).


All of the baseboard and door trim is in rough shape, too. The most recent occupant was a woodworker and he seems to have started a lot of projects that he didn’t finish. The finishing nail holes aren’t filled, there is spackle left unsanded, etc. It’s another reason we’re grateful to have a pro painter on the job.


It’s hard to say which upstairs paint color is the worst, but I think the red in the bathroom takes the prize.


The bathroom is fine — we’ve certainly seen a lot worse — and it will be totally transformed by a new paint job. The granite tile isn’t anything I would have chosen, but at least it’s gray and in good shape.


I’m excited to have a bathroom closet. It’s big! Those abutting doors will be annoying, though, so something will need to change there.


This sink has hilariously terrible proportions. It will be replaced at some point, perhaps as part of a full bathroom remodel or maybe I’ll cave and replace it earlier. It’s pretty low on our priority list, though: there are a lot more pressing projects!


This Relax sign cracks me up in combination with that paint color — nothing about fire engine red says “relax.”


Moving on to the second bedroom.



We haven’t decided which bedroom we’ll use. We prefer the purple one because it gets evening sun and faces the front yard tree instead of the backyard alley.


The green room closet, however, is enormous. Probably 6’x10′. It would definitely be nice to have as our primary closet.


That’s it for the second floor! I’ll leave you with a photo of a very unprofessional paint job. I like that someone got to this point and said “Close enough!”


4 thoughts on “New House Tour: Upstairs

  1. Each of those paint colors is terrible in it’s own way, but all together on one floor…just spectacularly bad! Love that big window in the purple room.

  2. Have you chosen paint colors? Can’t wait to see what you’ll pick! It was terribly agonizing for me, and a lesson in self-confidence…

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