Catio Portal Project

The cats love being on the patio – so much so that they get really bitchy when their catio access is cut off.

Usually we keep a window open for them but that’s becoming a less appealing option for us as the temperature drops.  The other day I realized a scrap of wood I had leftover from another project was the perfect height for a window insert, so I ordered the cheapest pet door offered on ($13.99 PetSafe 2-Way Cat Flap – “Give your pets the freedom they deserve”).

I cut the wood to the correct length using my handsaw and then cut out the pet door hole using a hand-me-down RotoZip saw from my dad.


After painting the wood white, I applied foam strips to all four sides.  This roll was left in the library after the renovation at MGB; no one ever returned to claim it, so I took it.  It’s really useful stuff.

The foam helps the wood stay gripped in the window and makes a tight seal all around.

I can’t believe how well this turned out.  And quickly, too.

At first the cats don’t get it.

But treats help!

Dining Room

This is what the dining room looked like when we moved in.

There’s a very large window with very hideous miniblinds.

I hate miniblinds.  Someday we will own our residence and there will be no miniblinds in it.  I love how clean and streamlined roller shades look, but that’s not something in which to invest as a renter.  Anyway: I took down the miniblinds.  Such a nice view!

I hung sheer panel curtains to obscure the neighbor’s vinyl siding while still letting in sunlight.

Never mind the mismatched tables – I’m waiting for the perfect $50 dining table to come my way.  Also, never mind the tools sprawled in the right-hand corner of the room and the Lola sprawled in the left.  Never was there a kitty with less grace.


Of all of the things I worried about prior to moving into this apartment – the window air conditioners, the absence of a washer & dryers – the thing that should have kept me awake at night is PLASTER WALLS.  I had no idea what I was up against.  $40 worth of hollow wall anchors later, I still can’t get the over-the-mantle-mirror to stay on the wall.

This apartment is UNDECORATABLE.