Gold Leaf Paint Options

My IKEA VITTSJO nesting table hack gave me the luxury of some scrap metal pieces on which to test a few gold leafing paint options.  I did a Google image search when I was considering what sort of paint to use, looking for some clear examples of the different types of finishes. I didn’t have much luck and thought I could contribute to the jpg pool here.

Gold Finishes

From left to right:

Plaid Liquid Leaf in Brass

Amaco Rub ‘n Buff in Gold Leaf

Krylon 18 KT. Gold Leafing Pen

Liquid Leaf Brass

Liquid Leaf was my favorite by far.  It looks rich, kind of marbleized/iridescent, and thick – like it was an actual brass cap on the table leg.  It is liquidy, though, so is more likely to run under any painters tape you might use (Scotch Blue worked great for me; FrogTape less so).  You can see additional pictures of this product at Pencil Shavings Studio and Yellow Brick Home.

Rub n Buff Gold Leaf

Rub ‘n Buff creates an interesting, antiqued finish.  As a wax, it seems like a good option if you want something closer to an original finish than an overlaid paint.  I found pictures of this product applied to VITTSJO shelves at Home to Three Duncan Boys.

Gold Leafing Pen

The Gold Leafing pen seemed great for detail jobs, but ineffective for broad coverage. It was difficult to apply without streaks.  See Little Green Notebook for additional pictures.

A note to Chicagoans: I was unable to find Rub ‘n Buff at my usual Elston Ave. haunts (Home Depot and Jo-Ann) and Jo-Ann had only a few Liquid Leaf color options.  I ventured outside my comfort zone to the Michaels in Lakeview, which had a big selection of these products.  Definitely worth the trip even though it puts you dangerously close to Wrigleyville, which, I’m sure we all can agree, is an abomination.

In closing, I leave you with an entirely unnecessary cat photo. Have a good weekend!

Cat Nest

16 thoughts on “Gold Leaf Paint Options

  1. just ordered 2 containers of the liquid leaf. i’ve been wanting to update the chrome legs of my couch to brass and you just helped me along with that project. i’ve been mulling it over in my head for over a year now, thanks!!

  2. I’ve spent hours trying to decide which “gold” to buy for a bookcase I want to do over – there really are no good examples out there. So THANK YOU for the awesome post and great job on your hack!!

  3. Hi Marti just discovered your blog! Haven’t read your past DIY posts yet so u may already know this tape tip-works great w a wet edge…if u want a good a crisp line and have the paint colour u DONT want new colour to bleed on, u first paint a quick line of old colour over your burnished down tape edge and let dry before painting new colour! If you don’t have the old paint color you’re covering, you can use a line of water-based clear coat -and let dry to the touch- under your new color. This effectively seals in the tape edge every time I promise you ! I’ve always used this technique at work over, for example, some OTHER so-called self sealing tapes that definitely are not worth the money. … I’m a scenic painter for film&tv, always working fast and go through rolls and rolls of the cheapest green painters tape that works perfectly with this technique when rushing against the clock ! I share this on every DIY site for other readers because it makes me crazy to spend money on another expensive product that still isn’t perfect enough! Lol looking forward to reading your past posts!

  4. I’ve got a very old huge hand-carved wooden mirror/ frame. In repainting, I noticed areas had previously been touched upon high points of design with gold liquid leaf.
    I know there is a technique to do this. just wanted some pointers. can you help?

  5. I’m building a plastic model ship which has a lightly textured surface to simulate the metal sheeting that is used as a metal cladding over a wood hull. It’s a Cutty Sark and I want to make the most of it despite the small size. The texture consists of slightly raised lines cast into the plastic which represent the borders of individual metal sheets on the real ship. It will be some shade of brass. Rub n buff, liquid leaf, or spray paint?

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