Maplewood Upstairs/Downstairs

I may soon be taking on the ultimate project: a new apartment!  (Jarrod will move there as well, but he’s less project-oriented than I am.  Which is good because someone needs to do the daily maintenance drudgery.)  The apartment above Chris & Kateri’s is opening up at the end of June.  It’s a move that seems ripe with sitcom potential but we’ve hashed out the details and think it will work out a-ok.  What Chris and Kateri don’t know is that a recent spree of upstairs/downstairs stories (Dowton Abbey, The Remains of the Day, Gosford Park: all totally great) has lead me to think of their apartment as the servants’ quarters.  Chris, please note that I like new posts from my blogroll to be printed and ironed fresh each morning.

Here’s a rough floor plan.  Very rough: the hallway closet*, for example, is south of the bathroom, not in the bathroom.  I’m going to do some measuring in Maplewood #1 this weekend to improve the scale and then flesh out the details after further measuring in Maplewood #2 on Wednesday.  I will also, of course, take and post pictures.

* Labeled CATHOLE: you don’t even know how awesome this is going to be.

I’m really excited to start fresh.  Not as sterile as the Leland apartment, not as oppressively brown and vintage as the Eastwood apartment.  This time I’ll do it right.

3 thoughts on “Maplewood Upstairs/Downstairs

  1. OMG, Paul and I just re-watched Gosford Park two weeks ago, and we just queued up Downton Abbey, per my parents’ decree. These are all signs. SIGNS, I tell you! (That your new apt. will be awesome).

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