Bathroom Makeover: Finished!

Hey, our bathroom is finished! As I mentioned when I first shared my bathroom makeover plans, my goal was to replace the glaring features that made the bathroom look really dated/cheap: most notably, the paint, mirror, and sink. Eventually we’ll do a full bathroom renovation (that granite tile is not part of my forever plan), but making some changes now will keep me happy with this space for several years to come.

The upstairs landing is looking much better since you last saw it, with a rug, snake plant, and framed photo. I’ve had the IKEA VITTEN shag rug for a long time now, and it’s held up surprisingly well. Snake plants are unkillable – this one gets indirect light from the stairwell window, and that’s keeping it alive just fine.



And here’s what the bathroom looks like now:






Obviously, erasing that red was an easy win! (The walls are now Behr’s Irish Mist.) Less easy: replacing the sink. Installing the IKEA HEMNES vanity was difficult for a variety of reasons, which I’ll detail in another post. But it was ultimately worth it: it’s the perfect size, I love the storage drawers, and good riddance to that terrible pedestal sink. [Update: see How I Installed an IKEA Bathroom Vanity]


To be honest, I’m not totally in love with the eucalyptus wall hanging I made. I preserved the eucalyptus with vegetable glycerine (following this blog post’s helpful instruction), which has kept it flexible and intact, but it’s become less green and more reddish brown over the past couple of months. I do like it for bringing some different texture and shape into the bathroom, though. And, if nothing else, it was fun to braid string and embroidery floss.


Preserved plants are no match for live, verdant ones. The window ledge is a great spot for plants that I’m starting from clippings.



I swapped the existing light fixture for a mini-sputnik style chandelier from West Elm.



Aside from the vanity, my favorite change is the mirror. The Linfield pivoting mirror from Rejuvenation is perfect: beveled edge, rounded corners, and remarkably well-made. I hope to use it for decades.


The abutting doors were a hassle, so I replaced the closet door with a curtain. And, I swapped the door’s hinges and knob for black metal ones: small changes that made a big difference.



More details about the bathroom closet changes can be found in my previous post.

Bathroom Closet Before

Bathroom Closet After 2


The Relax sign was replaced by a photo my brother took of my aunt and uncle’s pecan grove in southwest Missouri.



That’s all I got for now! I’ll close with the product sources; you can also see them gathered together in my previous post.

21 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover: Finished!

  1. The difference some paint can make… that red paint was harsh, it looks much better now. I love that mirror. West Elm is an awesome website, have you tried Dot & Bo? I love the ‘iron’ fixtures. They always look great against white backgrounds… which is why they are on my list for the house I will eventually find and buy. Watching you slowly work your way through your house makes me long for the day I have a home to call my own (and slowly make it mines lol). Great job on the bathroom though. Your changes make the tile almost unnoticeable… Almost.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the tile is at least a little less overwhelming. I’ve never ordered anything from Dot & Bo, though they have lovely things.

  2. Yasssss. Love. I really want to replace all our door hinges. Sucks that the eucalyptus turned colors…but what doesn’t suck is your green thumb. Damn.

  3. Ahhhhh it looks so much better now! I love the mirror in particular. Looking forward to sneaking upstairs and locking myself into this bathroom during your next party!

  4. Beautiful per usual! I especially like the light fixture and the mirror. You’re lucky to have that big linen closet

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