Bottles in Boots, Y’all

Unintended two-months-plus hiatus!  Sorry about that. Let’s ease back into blogging with a very quick post:

Bottles in boots, y’all.

(In my head, that’s said like James Franco in Spring Breakers, or Tami “Rayna James” Taylor.)

Combine two of your favorite things by dropping empty wine bottles into your tall boots: the circumference keeps their shape and the weight keeps them upright.


Buy a variety of wine in pairs – different girths work better for different shafts.  (Lord knows  those keywords aren’t going to help my “Very poor” child safety rating on Web of Trust – which, BTW, WTF?).

In conclusion: Cocobon is my favorite Trader Joe’s wine.  Tastes good, inexpensive, nice label and, most importantly, a not-embarrassing name – here’s looking at you, Ménage à Trois (and eat it, Web of Trust).

4 thoughts on “Bottles in Boots, Y’all

  1. My favorite part of this post is that a nice label is a key component in your evaluation of a good wine. Bad labels are so unfortunate. Thanks for the great recommendation for the boots too, of course!

  2. I don’t know what the Web of Trust is, but I’m imagining that it is run by Robert De Niro’s character in “Meet the Parents” and involves the internet equivalent of the “I’m watching you” gesture. Also, at that swanky Hollywood house where we spent Thanksgiving we found a packet of “Cock Flavored Soup Mix.” Price tag: 69 cents. Web of Trust can eat that too.

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