Yard Sale Finds and DIY Cocktails

(Sorry for the delayed bathroom update! I had to finish making the shower curtain, and then we were out of town, and then there was a SNAFU with some hinges… The cursing has subsided and I expect things to finally come together this weekend. I’ll return soon with bathroom photos because, trust me, we’re all in need of some closure there. Literally. I need a bathroom door that closes.)

A few weeks ago our neighborhood hosted a community yard sale. I invited some friends over to have afternoon snacks and drinks before wandering the alleys of the Greater Rockwell area. Two problems with this plan:

1) The cocktail I wanted to make called for fancy little champagne coupe-style glasses.

2) My competitive deal-hunting nature is at odds with leisurely, social yard salin’.

Conveniently, the need for #1 gave me an excuse for #2. I had to get up early and do a quick survey of the sales in order to find glasses for the cocktails I would make later that afternoon. And if I happened to stumble upon a find in pursuit of getting my friends day-drunk, who could blame me?


I saw these prints leaning up against a chain-link fence. They were priced at $20 each. I thought “Those are either somewhat cool or really ugly.” Then I thought “If nothing else, that’s a good price for a large, professional frame.” I asked how much for the pair, she said $30, I said done.


Then I asked if she knew anything about the artist – she didn’t, but said that the law firm where her father had worked dissolved and unloaded their art collection. That’s when I started to get excited – some law firms own Real Art.


Got home, did some signature deciphering, did some Googling. Oh, hey, what’s up? A real museum owns them:

Tate Museum

Allan D’Arcangelo Constellation I and IV. My friend Jenni manages a gallery in New York, so I roped her in to search for comparables (thanks, Jenni!), and then I had a friendly exchange with Sotheby’s Print Department (I can’t believe they even responded): “I have determined that the value of your prints regrettably falls below Sotheby’s minimum consignment level of $5,000 for a single lot. Most prints by D’Arcangelo sell for several hundred dollars at auction, but not more than $1,000 each.” Oh, drat. Not a windfall, but still a solid return on investment for a Saturday morning’s work.

I also found an awesome vintage cocktail set (though not the coupes I set out in search of) that I put to use that afternoon. I made a modified version of this maple concord recipe and sawed some BBQ skewers to hold the garnish because everything is better if I get to use tools.

Cocktail Saw


The cocktails were delicious and fueled wise, necessary acquisitions of dresses, (more) glasses and toddler Timberlands.

Yard Sale Finds

I hope your weekend is full of cocktails, yard sale victories, or – even better – a combination of both.

2 thoughts on “Yard Sale Finds and DIY Cocktails

  1. I stumbled onto your website via Humboldt House’s link on their Facebook page…and I may or may not have just spent the past hour reading old posts!

    I definitely need to go yard saling with you! I have the worst luck.

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