Bathroom Makeover Days 3 and 4

Pro tip!: Don’t ever spend four days straight in the bathroom if you don’t have to. Whew.

Lots of tedious-but-necessary-and-ultimately-satisfying tasks.  I cleaned the floor vent as best I could in preparation for a fresh coat of paint.  I haven’t found Citristrip to be nearly as effective as Klean Strip, but I’m grateful to have it for indoor jobs like this.


I also cut out the gross, old caulk on the tub and recaulked it.

Caulk Before and After

Hanging Plants in the Bathroom

I rehung the plants and introduced this pretty bird to the mix. Antique brass, ten bucks off eBay, major score.  It will be the classiest rental bathroom hand towel hook in all of Lincoln Square.

Put a Bird on It


Aside from the shower curtain, my main remaining task is to choose the hardware for our medicine cabinet (above) and vanity (below).  It will be either brass or black-bronze.  I love the sweepy brass pull (that’s actually what it’s called: “sweepy“) but I think it looks like we’re frontin’ – pretending this bathroom is fancier than it is.

Hardware Options

The bronze bar pull is in the lead – it looks modern and substantial, and I’d do a coordinating bronze knob on the medicine cabinet.

Check out the new old rug from Humboldt House – that place is not messing around with its awesomeness.  The shop is gorgeous and the pricing is very fair.

Bathroom Rug and Hardware

So, that’s that!  I’ll post pictures, of course, once the final details are in place.  I punched the clock at noon today and went to the pool with friends.


And on the fourth day Marti ended her work which She had made; and She rested on the fourth day from all her work which She had made.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover Days 3 and 4

  1. I loved following this over the weekend!! Everything is looking super. I love the bird hook and also the basket plant hanger. I think that Frasier Crane would also love it. He is my gold standard for class.

    Super work!!!

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