Bedroom Makeover

“Makeover” actually isn’t the right word because the bedroom was never maked to begin with.

Bedroom Before

We had an off-white carpet remnant rug that got dingy nearly immediately – terrible idea! We had a picture ledge that I always intended to style but never did. We had matching MALM nightstands that were too small. I later bought an old pair of nightstands (one seen on the right) on Craigslist that I refinished, immediately decided that I didn’t like and then sold for a profit.

Bedroom Before

I swapped out rugs, blankets, etc. as I honed in on what I wanted and didn’t want — the former is always much harder for me than the latter — and I finally gathered all of the pieces and put everything together in one exhausting weekend.

Bedroom To-Do List

And here’s where we are today:


I bought a new rug from Overstock and stained, painted and added hardware to a new pair of IKEA RAST nightstands.  The wall art and framing was less than $25 total, and I reupholstered our existing headboard with new fabric, adding nailhead trim.

Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom RAST Nightstand

I swapped the dresser with one I had in the basement and plopped a plant in a basket.

Bedroom Window

Bedroom Dresser

Doozy is indifferent to the changes but I am pleased to finally have a bedroom that feels put together.   I will write follow-up posts on the headboard, art and nightstands, so check back later this week if you’re interested in details on any of those projects!

Bedroom Cat

19 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover

    1. dad these feng shui directions overlap almost perfectly with what MDs all told me about combatting insomnia with “sleep hygiene”! so marti’s basically a furnishing witch doctor.

  1. The pictures above the bed are beautiful! I love the headboard, too. Very very well done.

  2. great job! my husband and I are currently in process of moving into a new apartment …perfect time to consider revamping things. May I ask where that dresser under the mirror came from? I am on the hunt for a dresser that will not take up too much space.

  3. Hey there! Love this idea on doing a makeover of a bedroom because I am currently doing a makeover of our guest room and the guest bathroom also. so i think a blog post about a bathroom makeover is next :P

  4. Wow, this looks wonderful. I can definitely relate to the before- my bedroom is always last on my to do list. Currently the end of my bed is surrounded by about 10 frames, my old bedding, and all kinds of other miscellany… this is no way to live! If this mess were in the living room I would definitely get on it sooner. I vow that in my next place I will finally give my bedroom the attention it deserves.

    1. Yep, it’s so easy for the bedroom to get pushed to the bottom of the list.

      I just checked out your blog – it’s hilarious. Good luck on the condo! I look forward to following along.

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