CATHOLE: Litter Box Closet Cat Door

The cat’s bathroom got upgraded thanks to the CATHOLE. Easy to install, and it came in a sweet box.

I was happy this project gave me an excuse to acquire a cheap jigsaw. I’ve already used it for four different jobs; definitely worth the 30 bucks.

(My hair gets pretty scuzzy when I get into project mode.)

This closet is gigantic. I love it. We’re only buying toilet paper at Sam’s Club now.

I cut a rug the former tenants left in the basement to fit in the base of the closet.  For the short-term, I also used the rug from the old litter box trunk to help convince the cats to continue pooping in the designated area. (Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever posted a picture of our original set-up – maybe I’ll do that sometime.)

Good work, Doozy.

How am I going to restore the door to its original form when we move out of this apartment? Eh, I’ve got some ideas. I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Update: Here’s a more recent picture, after I painted the wainscoting.



I am very excited to report that I ordered the CATHOLE: “Cat Door with a Brush”.  (Not to be confused with the other kind of cathole, although not unrelated.)  I plan to put the litter box in the closet outside the bathroom, as seen in my floor plan post.  This will be convenient for scooping it (Jarrod’s most loathsome chore) and should contain all of the tracked litter.

The closet has a bifold door, so I’m banking on being able to remove it from its track so that I can install the cathole.  Installation should otherwise be easy.  Look at those rave reviews!  D.E. from Chicago declares “I did it all by myself! ( I am a 30 year old female!)”  30-year-old females: there’s no limit to what we can do.

Made in America and protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,458,088.

Stupid dogs, you can’t fit through the cathole.


(Update: You can see the finished see the CATHOLE installed in this follow-up post.)