Lettuce Week: Thursday

Produce: Speckled Bibb and Baby Leaf Mix Lettuce

Salad Prep

Recipe: Scallop and Citrus Salad from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express. With apologies to Mr. Bittman, here’s a picture of the recipe:

No fancy food photography available, so instead I’ll show you a picture of what dinner usually looks like around here: a laptop and some ill-gotten HBO GO (just kidding, Comcast!). The Veep title sequence is really bad, right?

Laptop Salad Dinner

Lettuce Week: Monday

Get excited: it’s motherf’ing lettuce week.  Our garden has exploded within the last two weeks: the photo on the left was taken on May 13th, the one on the right on May 27th.

Garden May 13 vs May 27

Now it’s time to start eating the bounty.  The lettuce/kale/spinach in particular needs to be consumed before it goes to seed.  So, I have meals planned for each weeknight this week using produce from our backyard and will post links to the recipes I used.

Produce: Kale


Recipe: Kale, Apple and Pancetta Salad from Once Upon a Chef

No photograph of mine would be as nice as the one from Once Upon a Chef.  This salad is delicious.  I’ve made it before for people who don’t usually like raw kale (Hi, Kateri) or lettuce in general (Hi, Rodger) and everyone devoured it.

Photo Copyright Once Upon a Chef

This is How My Garden Fails

I’m very sorry to make this blog an all-garden all-the-time affair, but nature is really working against me here.

Witness: HAIL.

Backyard Hail

Let’s zoom in.

Hail Spinach

To add insult to injury, I looked out the window this morning at the precise moment a stray cat dumped out and covered its tracks by digging in the square of just-emerged lettuce seedlings.

I captured its exit.

Cat in Middle Garden Bed

And its insolent stare.

Cat Staredown


The rabbit finished off the spinach entirely and moved on to the heads of lettuce. Unacceptable!

Rabbit-Chewed Lettuce

Jarrod and I will be out of town this weekend and, at the rate of the rabbit’s consumption, there would be nothing left in the garden by the time we returned.  So, a short-term quick-fix was in order.  I poked around the basement for something to jerry-rig.

Curtain Tension Rods

What do I have a lot of?  Curtain tension rods.  What about a barrier?  Leftover weed-blocking fabric.  How will I put it all together? Packing tape and a stapler, duh.

Garden Rabbit Barrier

Garden Rabbit Barrier

That’ll do.  The plants will receive less sunlight for a few days but they’ll have a better shot of surviving in the shade than at the jaws of an insatiable rabbit.