The rabbit finished off the spinach entirely and moved on to the heads of lettuce. Unacceptable!

Rabbit-Chewed Lettuce

Jarrod and I will be out of town this weekend and, at the rate of the rabbit’s consumption, there would be nothing left in the garden by the time we returned.  So, a short-term quick-fix was in order.  I poked around the basement for something to jerry-rig.

Curtain Tension Rods

What do I have a lot of?  Curtain tension rods.  What about a barrier?  Leftover weed-blocking fabric.  How will I put it all together? Packing tape and a stapler, duh.

Garden Rabbit Barrier

Garden Rabbit Barrier

That’ll do.  The plants will receive less sunlight for a few days but they’ll have a better shot of surviving in the shade than at the jaws of an insatiable rabbit.

6 thoughts on “Bunnicula

  1. Hmm, I’ve never had this problem, and I think it’s because we have solid fences on almost all perimeters of our backyard. But I have seen holes in the garden in the off-season, which I suspect are rats (GROSS) but then, during the growing season, I never see the holes and my plants are fine.

    One thing that might be bad for plants is HAIL! I’m hoping my plants are okay; I don’t feel like looking and dealing with that now so I’ll check in the morning. Hope your plants are safe!

  2. Your foresight in building in those pvc pipe holders was just rewarded, methinks. Can’t wait to see if you’re smarter than a rabbit!

    Not to pry, but why do you have so many curtain rods lying around?

    1. Hilary – thanks! The one benefit of this garden assault is that I get to feel very satisfied for preemptively building the PVC sleeves.

      Two moves ago I lived in a garden apartment (halfway below street grade) with lots of recessed windows that required a dozen tension rods.

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