Bathroom: That’ll Do

Bathroom: That’ll Do

Fixing up the bathroom was at the top of my to-do list when we moved in. It’s small and, as I mentioned previously, it’s made even more cramped by the crazy angle of the door.  Here's what it looked like with the previous tenants' stuff. There was a medicine cabinet above the sink, which I [...]


I am very excited to report that I ordered the CATHOLE: "Cat Door with a Brush".  (Not to be confused with the other kind of cathole, although not unrelated.)  I plan to put the litter box in the closet outside the bathroom, as seen in my floor plan post.  This will be convenient for scooping it (Jarrod's [...]

Bedroom Light Fixture

We did it!  This was definitely a two-person project.  It was stressful when I first removed the existing light fixture: the wires were confusing and it took some finagling to mount the new fixture (it’s not perfectly flush with the ceiling, but it’s not noticeable from the floor).  At one point when I thought I [...]