Bathroom and Stairs: Progress and Plans

In my last post, I shared then-and-now photos of our kitchen and dining room. I’m continuing my six-months-later series with our stairs and half bathroom. These obviously aren’t After (TM) photos, just progress shots. Let’s dive in!



What’s been done:

  • Not much!
  • Painted the bathroom walls and trim.
  • Took down the hardware.
  • Hung a new mirror.
  • Installed new black hinges and doorknob.
  • That’s it.


Now:Stairs Bathroom

I told the painter he didn’t have to do anything with this staircase. I look forward to tackling it at some point, but it’s not pressing. I need to test it for lead and research the safest and most effective way to remove paint from spindles (e.g. chemical strippers, heat gun, raging fire…).



Because there are so many weird angles in the bathroom, I chose to use the same color of paint (Irish Mist) on the walls and the ceiling. It helps make it look a little less choppy.



Not too huge a change, really! But it feels so much better, and “just paint” belies the amount of work a professional paint job entailed. Everything was filthy and uneven, and our painter scrubbed, sanded, patched, primed, and painted the trim, walls, and ceiling. And, new hinges have a surprisingly big impact!


Before:Bathroom Door Before.JPG

During:Bathroom Door During.JPG

Now:Bathroom Door.JPG

That dumb, crowded rosette on the top left kills me. I can’t wait to replace all of the trim in this house!

Jarrod declared that the half-bath would be my “stunt room” and I’m excited to make that happen. It’s actually something my mom would do, too, in the houses we worked on: be more daring in powder rooms because you can be. I think I’ll steal heavily from this inspiration:

BAMeganBrakefield.jpgPhoto from Design*Sponge

What I plan to do, short term (within a year or so):

  • Nothing. I don’t want to waste time or money on lipstick for a pig.
  • Well, okay, maybe some art and some plants.
  • Well, okay, maybe a new light fixture if I know that it will work with my future bathroom plans.

What I plan to do, longer term (within two to three years, maybe):

  • Full bathroom remodel: I hope this shouldn’t be overly expensive, because the room is so small (reducing the amount of materials and labor needed).
  • Remove the wall and floor tile.
  • New tile floor.
  • Install wainscoting.
  • Wallpaper!
  • New sink, toilet, light fixtures, door, and trim.
  • For the stairs: refinish the landing, treads, risers, stringers, balusters, newels, and handrail. I would have only known half those terms without the aid of Google.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom and Stairs: Progress and Plans

  1. I just found your blog this weekend and I love it–it’s exactly what I need to read as my husband and I are in the process of buying our first place, and it’s refreshing to see that you’re honest about the work you’re doing and that you’re figuring out the timelines for the work you’d like to do, room by room, rather than try to do everything at once. Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for this cool house!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Elizabeth! I really appreciate it. I just checked out your blog – that pork belly and fig situation looks amazing, and your cocktail game is unbeatable!

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