Apartment Doorbell Label Holder Things

When we moved into our apartment I quickly taped up our names below the doorbell, thinking “I’ll fix this in a few days.” And then I didn’t, for months.  Two years, almost.


It’s the sort of thing you eventually stop seeing, but a Craigslist buyer was in our apartment recently and he said “Wow, I didn’t think the inside would look this nice based on the outside!”  Thanks, and ouch?  As a renter, I don’t care all that much about curb appeal, but I don’t want strangers bracing themselves for squalor.

Some haphazard Google searching eventually led to these metal label holders. (Currently listed for $4.27 – I bought them for $9.  What the hell, Amazon?  I thought we were friends!)


I sprayed the holders with enamel clear coat to protect them from the elements.  I also wrapped the printed labels in tape as a half-assed lamination.


Much better, yeah?


3 thoughts on “Apartment Doorbell Label Holder Things

  1. I thought about plantings some flowers outside of my apartment complex. I wanted to add some curb appeal, but I thought against it. But after seeing you take the extra step, I think I’m going to do it. Thanks

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