The rabbit finished off the spinach entirely and moved on to the heads of lettuce. Unacceptable!

Rabbit-Chewed Lettuce

Jarrod and I will be out of town this weekend and, at the rate of the rabbit’s consumption, there would be nothing left in the garden by the time we returned.  So, a short-term quick-fix was in order.  I poked around the basement for something to jerry-rig.

Curtain Tension Rods

What do I have a lot of?  Curtain tension rods.  What about a barrier?  Leftover weed-blocking fabric.  How will I put it all together? Packing tape and a stapler, duh.

Garden Rabbit Barrier

Garden Rabbit Barrier

That’ll do.  The plants will receive less sunlight for a few days but they’ll have a better shot of surviving in the shade than at the jaws of an insatiable rabbit.