Project!: Living Room and Dining Room

For the record, my blog’s namesake is not Project Runway.  My blog is named in honor of the 1995 hit Clueless, which had a major impact on my susceptible teenage brain.  I remember poring over the JC Penney catalog for plaid pleated skirts and sweater twinsets. hit the nail on the head in this Wallace Shawn post: “It’s the first movie I ever walked out of with the reaction, “’That was hilarious! I need to go buy some clothes immediately.'” (One year later, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet proved an equally compelling call to action, but that time it was “That was sad. We need to go make out right now.”)

So, when I say “project!”, I’m channeling Cher Horowitz and her love of makeovers.  I was unable to find this scene on YouTube, which left me with no choice but to rent the DVD from Netflix, set up a tripod in front of our TV, and record this clip for you with my digital camera.

My favorite sort of project is one that I can tackle within a few days with little-to-no money spent. Our living room and dining room will not be that sort of project, but I’m looking forward to it all the same. Right now, it is a blank slate. It took some work getting it to this state – check out the wall colors before we moved in (please note: that’s the previous tenants’ stuff):

Yikes. It is now Behr’s Irish Mist, which is a very light gray. Here’s what I’m workin’ with:

(Never mind the headboard leaning up against the wall back there.)

Clean and spacious but also barren and flat. Suffice it to say there are long to-do and to-buy lists for this space. Both rugs will be replaced: the dark gray/blue one in the living room isn’t the right size and the brown one in the dining room is too brown. I’m waiting for the perfect colorful rug to appear in my Craigslist feed, and then I’ll let that guide the other decorative decisions. In the meantime, I have a steady stream of fabric samples arriving from

The dining room and living room chairs will be reupholstered (by myself and by a professional, respectively). I’ll layer in more textiles with curtains and pillows and more textures with lamps (brass?) and side tables (glass?). A leather recliner will be added to the right of the couch and some sort of console table will be worked into the dining room. The light fixture above the table will be replaced. Plus mirrors and art and plants and lions and tigers and bears. There’s a lot to do.


Weekend To-Do

Jarrod is out of town this weekend, which means I am going to spin into a whirlwind of productivity.  I get this trait from my mom; we would spend a weekend with my grandparents and come home to find our bedrooms completely redecorated.

On the to-do list:

  • Get J’s laptop fixed at the Apple store.  The cats have ratcheted up their reign of terror/annoyance on the apartment and Doozy knocked it off the counter. STOOPID DOOZY.
  • Have the Subaru checked for the Illinois auto emissions test, which will allow me to…
  • Renew the license plates
  • Drop by an upholstery shop for a quote on reupholstering two chairs
  • Thoroughly clean the catio (80 degrees on Sunday!)
  • Complete an epic round of big box store errands, scouting for the new apartment (in order: Lowes, Walmart, IKEA, Garden Ridge, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, Hancock Fabrics).  I’m an errands completist: I want to go to ALL of the places so that I can see ALL of the things.  And then not buy anything and instead come home and set up a dozen new Craigslist alerts.

And also watch Letters to Juliet and eat a bunch of sushi.

Have a good weekend!