Weekend To-Do

Jarrod is out of town this weekend, which means I am going to spin into a whirlwind of productivity.  I get this trait from my mom; we would spend a weekend with my grandparents and come home to find our bedrooms completely redecorated.

On the to-do list:

  • Get J’s laptop fixed at the Apple store.  The cats have ratcheted up their reign of terror/annoyance on the apartment and Doozy knocked it off the counter. STOOPID DOOZY.
  • Have the Subaru checked for the Illinois auto emissions test, which will allow me to…
  • Renew the license plates
  • Drop by an upholstery shop for a quote on reupholstering two chairs
  • Thoroughly clean the catio (80 degrees on Sunday!)
  • Complete an epic round of big box store errands, scouting for the new apartment (in order: Lowes, Walmart, IKEA, Garden Ridge, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, Hancock Fabrics).  I’m an errands completist: I want to go to ALL of the places so that I can see ALL of the things.  And then not buy anything and instead come home and set up a dozen new Craigslist alerts.

And also watch Letters to Juliet and eat a bunch of sushi.

Have a good weekend!


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