Fancy Cats

If you've ever wondered what sort of amenities the super wealthy are able to offer their cats, this week's NYT's article "Life in a Belgian Water Tower" can give you a few clues. Photos by Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times Our cats would go berserker over that living room tree. The New York [...]

Welcome, new readers!

I was excited to see my bathroom makeover featured on's Freshly Pressed today. If I had known this would happen, I probably would have learned to use my new camera's white balance function before posting pictures. Nevertheless, I'm very happy you're here and really appreciate all of the nice comments. This is the first [...]

New and Improved

The transition from Tumblr to WordPress went well except for one thing: your comments didn't make it over.  Which is a bummer because they were funny and getting comments on my haphazard posts is the best part of blogging.  But I think it was worth it - WordPress offers so much more functionality. If you [...]


Never mind: those other ideas were lame. The new title needs to have the word “project” in it.  I like that it’s a noun and a verb.  Also, it always makes me think of the bit from Clueless when Cher meets Tai (RIP) and squeals “Oooh, project!”  I’m bummed I can’t find this on YouTube.