Dining Room

This is what the dining room looked like when we moved in. There’s a very large window with very hideous miniblinds. I hate miniblinds.  Someday we will own our residence and there will be no miniblinds in it.  I love how clean and streamlined roller shades look, but that’s not something in which to invest [...]


Of all of the things I worried about prior to moving into this apartment - the window air conditioners, the absence of a washer & dryers - the thing that should have kept me awake at night is PLASTER WALLS.  I had no idea what I was up against.  $40 worth of hollow wall anchors [...]

Budget Marti vs. Amazon

Three days after I ordered our TV, Amazon dropped the price by $20.  Normal Marti would have thought “eh” but Budget Marti thought “Maybe they do price adjustments!”  I used their “Call Me” service (which is genius) and the conversation went like this: M: Do you offer price adjustments? A: No, I’m sorry, the price [...]

oh man oh man oh man

Oh man oh man oh man: I bought this today!  The low price and the free shipping and the “Only 1 left in stock - order soon” was too much for me to resist!  Plus, it was 4:30 and I was really bored at work. We used this sander in my woodworking class and I [...]