Basement Storage Organization

Regular readers of this blog (thanks for that, by the way!) are pretty familiar with our apartment’s rather minimal aesthetic.  It’s now time to head downstairs and reveal what lurks below, in our enormous basement.


Whoa.  This is what happens you have virtually unlimited storage space. It’s an embarrassment of riches.


From the few episodes of Hoarders I’ve seen, “That could be useful!” seems to be a go-to hoarding justification.  I get that.  Sentimental?  Don’t care. Pretty?  Sure, I’ll keep a few pretty things.  But useful?  I want all them things.  Get in my basement, potentially useful things.


Thanks to a major Craigslist score, all them useful things are now organized on some amazing heavy-duty storage shelves. These are the utility shelves of my dreams. $15 a unit!

Basement Storage Shelving

It’s possible that someone could find more happiness on Craigslist for $45, but it probably isn’t legal.




I have a potting station, by the way: it’s a $5 metal shelving unit and a tabletop the previous tenants left in the basement.  I keep potting soil in an IKEA SORTERA bin.  This station is proof positive that I’m turning into my mother.



11 thoughts on “Basement Storage Organization

  1. AWESOME! Gives me hope for my storage room downstairs… How did you manage to get all that stuff on those shelves. I keep looking back at the top photos and then back to the photo of the stocked shelves, it’s unbelievable. I am loving those Anheuser Crates too btw.

    1. I had to play a little Tetris to get it all to fit, but four 2′ x 12′ shelves can hold a whole hell of a lot! I also sold and donated a few things.

      Aren’t those crates great? They’re antique.

  2. OMG, brills Marti! I’m going to make a potting station just like that with a leftover piece of shelving I have, and now I have to get a Frontera for my dirt, too. I even think they were just marked down …

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