Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

Oh, hey there, blog: what’s up?  It’s been a long time (long time), we shouldn’t have left you (left you), without a dope beat to step to.

It’s not that I haven’t been busy around the apartment, it’s that I’ve been busy making changes that are perceptible only to myself.  Take, for example, our kitchen.  I had painted it Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White, which I used in the bathroom and in one of the spare bedrooms to my satisfaction.  In the kitchen, however, the paint color always appeared really cold and unfinished to me – like it was just a primer coat.  I think it’s because we get very little natural light in the room.

So I tried two different shades: Benjamin Moore’s Dove White (color-matched by Behr) and Behr’s Irish Mist, which is what I used in the living and dining rooms.



Don’t worry if you can’t see that.  Only crazy people can.  And tetrachromats.  (Did you hear Radiolab’s Colors episode? It was really awesome, especially the choir.)

Here: looking at it from the side makes the difference more visible.


I went with Irish Mist and am very happy with the change. The kitchen feels much less stark. And the cats always enjoy an opportunity to hang out on a ladder. (Looking back at my New Year’s photo suggests they have an agreed-upon positioning.)


I pried off that phone jack you see on the wall in the first photo and discovered this burst of color beneath.


I think it might be original? Or at least very old.


Come back tomorrow for a project I’m excited to share – something with a more noticeable impact. I’ll leave you with a sneak peek!


3 thoughts on “Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

      1. You should just press some nice push pins or buttons into the holes. I like the little burst of green. It sets the Irish Mist off nicely.

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