Swedes & Sputnik

Now this, this is a mailing list I want to be on.

IKEA 2013 Catalog

Look at that armchair: it’s only $9.99.

[Update: that was a joke, you guys. Thanks, though, for your diligent readership!]

As excited as I am about this catalog, I’m even more excited about what’s awaiting me in Jefferson City, Missouri. This vintage sputnik chandelier has been floating around our family for decades – my mom saved it from one of our many house renovations, knowing that one of her kids would like it some day. It’s traveled from basement to basement and I’m going home to claim it next week. And to, you know, see my family.

Sputnik Chandelier

It needs a bit of restoration work. If anyone has a recommendation for a lighting repair shop in Chicago, I would be very grateful.

Sputnik Chandelier

You will be mine, you will be mine, you will be mine all mine.

10 thoughts on “Swedes & Sputnik

    1. Do you use the “My shopping list” function on IKEA.com? I think it’s really handy – the pictures especially. It saves me from standing in IKEA looking at something like “ANGENAM” on my list and wondering “Is that a blanket? Or a bowl? Maybe it’s a trashcan…” (Answer: it’s a bowl. A very pretty one.)

  1. I didn’t even realize there’s a new IKEA catalog out, usually I’m the first in line to get it! Better put me on their mail list with our new address! I love that chair! Do they sell it in the catalog or is it just featured as an “antique”? That chandelier is really interesting, what a nice piece to get passed down in the family!

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