The pictures I included in the last post had me thinking that two big flat-weave rugs looked too, well, flat and what I needed instead was a low pile rug for under the dining table and a plush rug for under the coffee table.  I picked up the VITTEN at IKEA this past weekend.

The rug pile is smushed down from being rolled up – I need to rake it.  Did anyone else have to rake their grandparents’ shag carpet?  (My cousins will know what I’m talking about!)  It was a satisfying chore: the carpet looked so groomed when you were finished.

I think it’s a nice rug, but in the context of this apartment, with our mostly vintage furniture, it looks way too retro.  Like we’re two steps away from setting up a tiki bar and tossing our keys into a bowl.  It’s shagadelic, and the fact that this rug brings to mind Austin Powers catchphrases makes it pretty clear that it’s not a keeper.  I don’t want anything in my home that reminds me of Mike Myers. (That said, I might make an exception for Wayne’s World.)

Doozy likes it, though.  It makes him feel like a jungle cat.

Another rug up for consideration is the Arrah Dhurry Wool Rug from (or as they’re trying to sell us on these days).

(Never mind the brown around the edges: I just rolled it out on top of our current rug.)

Two people have already compared it to a barcode, which certainly isn’t working in its favor.  It doesn’t look quite as stark in person: the lighter stripes are a very light tan, not white, as Doozy helpfully demonstrates.

I’m very “eh” about this rug.  One thing I’m not “eh” about, however, is our new Ekornes Stressless recliner.  Craigslist has bestowed upon me two great finds since we moved into our new place: 1) the previously mentioned STENSTORP island, and 2) this totally awesome recliner.  I had an alert set up for “recliner” on CL and had seen at least 700 (easily) before this chair popped up.  The photo was so dark and the item was so buried amongst everything else he was selling that I almost missed it.  I clicked past and then realized “hey… that one might be good.”  It’s so hard to find a chair that meets Jarrod’s need for comfort and my need for stuff to not be ugly (and, as we’ve seen before, nearly all recliners are hideous).  These chairs are $2,000+ new, but I scored this one for $50.

The leather was in poor shape: very worn and sun-faded, with lots of oil in the headrest and pounds of food in the seat crack.  Here are a few Before pics:

I found a woman who reconditions leather (on Craigslist, of course), who made our chair good as new and even swapped out – for free(!) – the undesirable mahogany wood base for a medium brown base.

(It doesn’t dwarf our sofa as much in real life as it does in these photos.)

And there you see yet another rug option: the JORUN from IKEA (no longer available).  I love it, but it shows cat hair like crazy despite our very regular vacuuming and furminating.

Got any rug suggestions for me?  I’m starting to go insane.

8 thoughts on “Shagadelic

  1. My Dad has one of those ektorp recliners! He got it to sleep/sit in after surgery on a herniated disc, so you can bet your $50 that is a comfy chair.

    I actually like that shag rug. . . but then I’m a sucker for vintage looks. I am not a sucker for rug-raking, though. That would be the dealbreaker for me. Esp. with cats. That rug could get fleas. I concur with the barcode assessment. That rug seems too harsh to me.

    How do you feel about color? Have you looked at any vintage kilims? Probably not as “clean” a look as you’re after (and also a bit vintage-looking) but I’m tots enamored of them right now.

    1. The shag rug is starting to grow on me – we’ll see how I feel about it in three days.

      I want to bring color into the room and would LOVE to find a kilim rug, vintage or otherwise. I keep seeing similar styles on Overstock – like this Dhurry Beige Ramisha Rug, but they stray too close to southwestern territory. This Diamond Kilim Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Pottery Barn looks great, but I missed the boat. I’m having no luck finding something affordable on ebay.

      I’m currently loving this Indo Kilim rug – I wish it were big enough for the dining room. If I put it in the living room, I don’t know what I would put under the dining table.

    1. The rug has only been out for a day now, but I don’t think the cats are interested in clawing it (snuggling it, though, is another story: I think they think we adopted a third cat). The pile is too plush/loose: there’s nothing for them to dig their claws into.

  2. I rather like the shag carpet. The color of it looks very clean with the rest of your furniture. I’m not a fan of the ‘barcode’ one though. It looks too busy (that might be the because of the lighting in the photo, though.)

  3. Look on Etsy (using the “vintage” category in the drop-down menu, rather than the default “handmade”) for kilims too. . . not sure how big you need for the dining room, but there are some that are larger and priced under $400. This one is kind of cool:

    Or this one:

    Actually that second one seems more restful/bedroomy to me. . .

  4. Wow! Every time I pop into here I get so inspired and amazed by your style and skill! You’ve got such a beautiful home!! I’m jealous!

  5. Peace, I appreciate that you’re open to suggestions and opinions, but the truth is that it’s your place. Asking us for our taste is not going to ever make your home, yours! The whole plan is to create what you like and vibe on. It doesn’t matter if others like it or not. You put it together according to how you feel it and see it in your everyday life. I personally like them all! All the rugs and arrangements have their unique vibe. Some find it groovy, while others may find that it’s too “loud”. All opinions are respected. But the one that counts is yours, since it’s your pad, your home. Work it with the mind, body and soul. Wall colors, furniture, wall hangings, lamps, clocks, rugs, whatever you decide, the end result will be you and it will surely be appreciated by those who are themselves, and not everyone’s vision of what’s in or out. I’m ready to see your Picasso. Blessings to You and yours.


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