Weekend To-Do

Jarrod is out of town this weekend, which means I am going to spin into a whirlwind of productivity.  I get this trait from my mom; we would spend a weekend with my grandparents and come home to find our bedrooms completely redecorated.

On the to-do list:

  • Get J’s laptop fixed at the Apple store.  The cats have ratcheted up their reign of terror/annoyance on the apartment and Doozy knocked it off the counter. STOOPID DOOZY.
  • Have the Subaru checked for the Illinois auto emissions test, which will allow me to…
  • Renew the license plates
  • Drop by an upholstery shop for a quote on reupholstering two chairs
  • Thoroughly clean the catio (80 degrees on Sunday!)
  • Complete an epic round of big box store errands, scouting for the new apartment (in order: Lowes, Walmart, IKEA, Garden Ridge, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, Hancock Fabrics).  I’m an errands completist: I want to go to ALL of the places so that I can see ALL of the things.  And then not buy anything and instead come home and set up a dozen new Craigslist alerts.

And also watch Letters to Juliet and eat a bunch of sushi.

Have a good weekend!


Hardware Bidness

Guys, I want to talk about hardware stores for a bit. Because it’s something I like to think about.

The way I see it, Lowe’s is for the casual DIYer, the “weekend warrior,” as they might like to imagine themselves.  Home Depot is for men who do real work.  Lowe’s is clean, brightly lit and red, white & blue.  Home Depot is also clean, but it’s orange and concrete and populated with employees who wear aprons on which they’ve scrawled their name with a Sharpie.  Lowe’s is in the suburbs; Home Depot is in Chicago.  I prefer Home Depot because I like to associate myself with manly men who do labor, but I know that demographically I belong with the Lowe’s crowd.

As for Ace Hardware: Ace used to be my go-to place because there was one within easy walking distance of our apartment, and one across the street from the Sears Tower (I say “Sears” because that’s what it was when there was an Ace across from it).  Both of those stores closed.  Now, the Ace that I can walk to over my lunch break — about a mile away — is visibly on the verge of going out of business.  Its claims of being “Chicago’s Largest Ace!” seem sad once you’ve viewed their dwindling inventory.  So, I don’t really consider Ace a contender.

Anyway, my dad gave me a $50 gift card for Lowe’s for Christmas.  I am going to try make it cover the supplies needed for my two major pre-move projects: the cat tree and the dresser-turned-TV-stand.

(Prices are approximate and based on my lunch break trip to Ace.)

  • $8 – cement mix
  • $5 – wood trim
  • $10 – wood post
  • $2 – wood screws
  • $4 – hinges
  • $4 – wood glue
  • $10 – rope
  • $25 – metal screen

Total: $58

Gah!  That metal screen really destroys my budget, especially considering that I know I’ll think of other things I need.