Project Palermo on Apartment Therapy

Welcome, Apartment Therapy readers! (And thanks for sticking around long-time readers!)

Project Palermo on Apartment TherapyProject Palermo on Apartment Therapy – photo by Carolyn Purnell

Thanks for clicking through to check out my blog. Don’t worry, that plant won’t kill my cat.

Some of the projects that were featured in the tour include:

IMG_8044Building a Picture Ledge for a Neon Sign

DIY Fabric HangingThe Framer’s Intent: DIY Scarf Display

IMG_1976Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

IMG_2739A Harmless Dresser-to-TV Stand Conversion

IMG_0438CATHOLE: Litter Box Closet Cat Door

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Finally, the tour included one recent addition to our home that I haven’t mentioned on my blog yet: this awesome Taxonomy of Local Homes illustration by Phil Thompson of Cape Horn Illustration.

Taxonomy of Local HomesPhoto by Carolyn Purnell

I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the tour and a giveaway from an artist in our neighborhood seems like a perfect fit. Please check back tomorrow morning for details!


4 thoughts on “Project Palermo on Apartment Therapy

  1. Great tour – you have a lovely home! I really like the bar you have in your dining room – can you tell me where that’s from?

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