I have now been to all of the places and seen all of the things and can tell you with complete confidence that nearly all of them are ugly. I did get this rug, though, which I can't wait to put in our new dining room.

Shag Rug

I unpacked a rug from this evening and the cats came to inspect.  Lola pulled a kitten mittens and immediately retreated to the coffee table, but Doozy is purring like he's found his life partner.  Too bad for Doozy: the rug is hideous and will be returned.

Dining Room

This is what the dining room looked like when we moved in. There’s a very large window with very hideous miniblinds. I hate miniblinds.  Someday we will own our residence and there will be no miniblinds in it.  I love how clean and streamlined roller shades look, but that’s not something in which to invest [...]