Entryway Progress: New Chandelier and Rug

We have a side-entrance bungalow with a nice central entryway, opening into our kitchen on the right and our living room on the left. I suppose you could call it a foyer if you’re feeling fancy. It was far from fancy when we bought the house, though:Ā it was super gross.

Entryway Before.JPG

I madeĀ it not-gross with cleaning and painting, and I made it functional withĀ Flor carpet tiles and aĀ peg rackĀ (both leftover from our apartment). Otherwise, I didn’t spendĀ much effort to make it look nice until recently.

Entryway Before 2.JPG

Here’s where we started. I can do better than just not-gross!

New Light Fixture

First up, I added a new ceiling medallion and light fixture: I boughtĀ the Mid-Century Long-Arm Chandelier from West Elm.


You guys, when I first start dating Jarrod (13 years ago!) this tiger blanket was his actual bedspread. Not in an ironic way, either. He’s had it since he was a kid, and now it’s an excellent moving blanket / project cushion.

Tiger Blanket Light Fixture.jpg

The chandelierĀ isĀ super heavy and was a challenge to install but, ultimately, nothing insurmountable.Ā I’m really happy with it now that it’s up there.

Hanging Light Fixture.JPG

The adjustable arms work greatĀ here because the closet throws off the center of this space. I was able to arrange the arms to balance out that corner.

West Elm Mid Century Long Arm Chandelier.JPG

New Rug

I also added a new rug: aĀ Mazlaghan Persian rugĀ found on eSaleRugs.com for $250.


It was the first time Iā€™ve purchased from eSaleRugs. I appreciate that they post a lot of photos of each item, and their free shipping and free returns policy suits me well, too: Iā€™m prone to buyerā€™s remorse, so itĀ made it easierĀ to pull the trigger. Thankfully, there was no need to make use of that return option – their photos are remarkably accurate.

Rug 1.JPG

That’s all for now! I’ll return tomorrow with a post detailing the final change I made in this first batch of improvements: new(ly altered) closet doors.

Entryway Progress.JPG

Update: seeĀ Adding Moulding to Inside Out Bi-Fold Doors