Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener v. 2

Last you saw this wall-mounted bottle opener (see here), I had not yet hung a cap receptacle.  I fixed that this afternoon after picking up an ASKER container at IKEA.

The ASKAR is flat-backed, so it hugs the wall nice and close.  The bottle opener, by the way, is the Classic Zinc Starr X from Amazon.

A perfect excuse for a Sunday afternoon beer.  Go Jayhawks!

Note: I’m not actually a Jayhawks devotee, but I have a few friends who are and I’m easily swayed by others’ sports enthusiasm.  See: the 2011 World Series.  See also: my friendships with Emily Cripe and Jenni Wu.

Also note: I must give credit to Andrew and Lanie – their sweet setup gave me the idea to do the same.  Check it!