Cape Horn Illustration Giveaway

Do you like architecture, beer bars, your childhood home or Lake Michigan?  If so, you’ll be interested in this blog’s inaugural giveaway! If not… I’m so sorry.

 Cape Horn Two FlatThe Chicago Two-Flats by Cape Horn Illustration

As I mentioned yesterday, our Apartment Therapy tour offered a glimpse of some new artwork we have hanging in our hallway:

Taxonomy of Local HomesPhoto by Carolyn Purnell

I discovered Cape Horn Illustration several months ago when Jarrod forwarded me a link to this illustration in Center Square Journal.  Jarrod’s batting average on daily email forwards is 0.04 (that’s bad, right? I don’t know anything about baseball) but he scored a touchdown hit a home run with this one.  I love that it’s not just Chicago architecture, but architecture specific to our particular neighborhood: Lincoln Square / Ravenwood, where Phil Thompson and Katie Lauffenburger (the married team behind Cape Horn Illustration) are also based.

Taxonomy of Local Homes

Much of their work celebrates Chicago heritage and culture, from residential architecture, to beer bars, to the city’s industrial history.  I reached out to Phil prior to the publication of the tour to give him a head’s up that I would be linking to their website in the resources section of my Apartment Therapy tour.  We exchanged an excited series of emails, resulting in my first-ever giveaway.

Neither Cape Horn Illustration nor Marti “Project” Palermo were paid or perked for this partnership – I simply wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to promote such talented local artists and to thank readers of this blog. Phil and Katie are generously donating the unframed print and I will cover the cost of shipping.

To enter the giveaway: click on over to Cape Horn Illustration’s website to check out their work. Then, return to this post and leave a comment with the title of the print you’d like to win. Jarrod’s favorite is the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor.  My friends Emily & Pete love the Chicago Beer Map, as they hit all of these places on an average Tuesday.

Chicago Beer Bars

You can choose:

  • Lakefront Currents
  • Ravenswood Industrial Corridor
  • Siblings: The Chicago Two-Flats
  • Chicago Beer Map
  • Taxonomy of Local Homes

On Friday, September 6th I’ll randomly select a commenter to win the print of his/her choosing.  Let me know if you have any questions!

P.S. In high school I hired a talented friend to do a portrait of our home as a gift for my mother.  She loved it and it’s been displayed on her bookcase ever since.  Now you too can be as thoughtful a gift-giver as I once was: Cape Horn Illustration offers portraits of current homes, childhood homes and storefront facades. Each work results in an original, signed pen & ink portrait. Pricing depends on size and complexity, but standard home portraiture starts at $130 (which seems really reasonable to me for custom, original artwork).  As a favor to Project Palermo readers, they are happy to offer 10% off a commissioned portrait. Just mention this blog when you contact Phil and Katie. Thanks!

Project Palermo on Apartment Therapy

Welcome, Apartment Therapy readers! (And thanks for sticking around long-time readers!)

Project Palermo on Apartment TherapyProject Palermo on Apartment Therapy – photo by Carolyn Purnell

Thanks for clicking through to check out my blog. Don’t worry, that plant won’t kill my cat.

Some of the projects that were featured in the tour include:

IMG_8044Building a Picture Ledge for a Neon Sign

DIY Fabric HangingThe Framer’s Intent: DIY Scarf Display

IMG_1976Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

IMG_2739A Harmless Dresser-to-TV Stand Conversion

IMG_0438CATHOLE: Litter Box Closet Cat Door

You can also check out the recent posts page and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Finally, the tour included one recent addition to our home that I haven’t mentioned on my blog yet: this awesome Taxonomy of Local Homes illustration by Phil Thompson of Cape Horn Illustration.

Taxonomy of Local HomesPhoto by Carolyn Purnell

I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the tour and a giveaway from an artist in our neighborhood seems like a perfect fit. Please check back tomorrow morning for details!


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Marti-tailored grocery store haul:

Forthcoming bathroom project!

Under Construction

I’ll be doing some website work this weekend that I hope will stay behind the scenes but may not: I apologize in advance if I clutter up your blog roll.

In the meantime, could someone please buy this house and restore its dignity?  That French colonial furniture is an incongruent abomination.

My friend Jen was most offended by the rug.  It’s probably impossible to remove without a crane – they’ll have to burn down the house to dispose of it, Gilbert Grape-style.

Have a good weekend!