Preach!: Sheets and Comics

(Preach! will be an occasional Sunday feature with personal endorsements of products, stores and services. I plan to do one Chicago recommendation and one anywhere-in-the-world recommendation.)

Pinzon Flannel Sheets

Persuaded by their near-flawless rating, I ordered these sheets from Amazon at the beginning of winter.  They’re perfect.  Our bedroom is the coldest room in the apartment – last year we used a space heater and we haven’t needed it once since buying these sheets, even with the thermostat set to 50 degrees at night.  They’re super soft and smooth, and they wash beautifully – nothing like the rough, pilled flannel sheets I remember having as a kid.

Amazon Pinzon Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

Pinzon Signature 190-Gram Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

I was surprised to learn from the packaging that the sheets are actually manufactured by Amazon – turns out that Pinzon is one of their private labels.

Amazon Pinzon

Thank you for choosing product by

Challengers Unlimited Comics Rental

Challengers is a comics shop at Western Ave. & Milwaukee, just south of the Blue Line stop.  Jarrod signed up for their rental service recently, which offers a large selection of graphic novels for $10/month.  It’s a great way to explore different series and the collection is much more current than what’s on the shelf at your public library.

Challengers Comics

The shop owners are friendly and approachable – I think a rental membership would be a great gift for the comics newbie in your life.  Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” like Saga Volume One.


6 thoughts on “Preach!: Sheets and Comics

  1. Nice! Been looking for good flannel since being disappointed with some L.L. Bean ones that pilled almost immediately.

    Thermostat at 50, tho!?!? You crazy . . .

    1. marti says she doesn’t like to go camping but… the super low nighttime temp is kind of like camping. i think it might be 55 actually…

      1. Yeah, I misspoke: it’s 50 during the day when we’re not here, and a balmy 55 at night. It sounds a little crazy but it doesn’t feel crazy cold, though my plants would probably prefer if I were a little more generous with the heat.

    1. Winter only, unless you’re cold year-round! They don’t feel heavy or claustrophobic.

      I haven’t had much luck with any other sheets. I may try these this spring, given my satisfaction with my first Pinzon purchase.

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