Maplewood Planning: Bathroom

The Maplewood bathroom is the only step down from our current bathroom.  It’s small and made even more cramped by the angle of the door (see the floor plan here).  Here’s what it looks like with the current tenants’ decor:

(Sorry for the unsightly toilet shot.)

The only way this bathroom is going to work for us is if I can get a bigger mirror in there.  That tiny medicine cabinet is coming out.  I pulled out the medicine cabinet at our last apartment and replaced it with a nicer mirror, so there’s a precedence for success, but here we have that stupid wall outlet to work around.  My idea is take down the glass shelf and mount a mirror that spans across the sink and the toilet, using a SlimLine extension cord underneath it (love these things).  Maybe that’ll work?  And fingers crossed our current bathroom storage tower (ours has a different door) fits to the left of the toilet, although I’m afraid it’s literally 0.5 inches too wide.

Sorry to crib from Manhattan Nest again, but his bathroom re-do has me thinking about painting the walls a bolder color than I would otherwise be inclined.

(Image from Manhattan Nest)

Maybe with this shower curtain?

2 thoughts on “Maplewood Planning: Bathroom

  1. I heart those dark walls from Manhattan Nest. I’m wondering though if part of the reason it works so well is the bright white tile; not sure it would be the same with the oat-meal colored tile in the Maplewood apt. Love the shower curtain.

    1. Word, Erin. I’m jealous of his bright white tile. In another picture I have of the bathroom, taken in better lighting, the tiles look less oatmeal and more whitish-gray – I think I’ll have to wait until we move in to suss out the situation. Given the not-whiteness of the tile, what color would you recommend?

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