Catio Portal Project

The cats love being on the patio – so much so that they get really bitchy when their catio access is cut off.

Usually we keep a window open for them but that’s becoming a less appealing option for us as the temperature drops.  The other day I realized a scrap of wood I had leftover from another project was the perfect height for a window insert, so I ordered the cheapest pet door offered on ($13.99 PetSafe 2-Way Cat Flap – “Give your pets the freedom they deserve”).

I cut the wood to the correct length using my handsaw and then cut out the pet door hole using a hand-me-down RotoZip saw from my dad.


After painting the wood white, I applied foam strips to all four sides.  This roll was left in the library after the renovation at MGB; no one ever returned to claim it, so I took it.  It’s really useful stuff.

The foam helps the wood stay gripped in the window and makes a tight seal all around.

I can’t believe how well this turned out.  And quickly, too.

At first the cats don’t get it.

But treats help!

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