Kitchen Progress: Part 1 of 2

Our new kitchen is large and, let's face it, pretty ugly. Or maybe not ugly, but definitely not my style. Oak kitchen cabinets with scalloped fronts and faux-wood-panelling wainscoting. There's nothing I could do about the former, so the latter had to go. Before: original off-white walls, original wainscoting: In progress: original walls, white primer [...]

Bathroom: That’ll Do

Bathroom: That’ll Do

Fixing up the bathroom was at the top of my to-do list when we moved in. It’s small and, as I mentioned previously, it’s made even more cramped by the crazy angle of the door.  Here's what it looked like with the previous tenants' stuff. There was a medicine cabinet above the sink, which I [...]

Bloom and Grow Forever

One of the good things about knowing our future downstairs neighbors is that today we were able to help garden in our future backyard.  Jarrod, Kateri and I went to work while Cora supervised. Before: Why are those bricks in the middle?  Why are there ceramic tiles at the end?  Why did someone plant marbles?  Who [...]