Let’s All Watch Easy on Netflix

There’s a new eight-episode series coming out on Netflix next week, written and directed by the very awesome Joe Swanberg. It’s called Easy, and it’s set in Chicago. Here’s the trailer:

It’s always fun to see things¬†that¬†were filmed in Chicago,¬†and it’s even better when they venture outside of the Loop into other¬†neighborhoods. If you’re familiar with Lincoln Square, you’ll recognize the Davis Theater, Baker Miller, and more.

You’ll also recognize a lot of funny famous people, like¬†Orlando Bloom (my #1 reigning crush from 2001-2003), Malin Akerman (Trophy Wife should still be on the air), Jake Johnson (national treasure), Hannibal Buress (best known as the 30 Rock¬†hobo¬†– j/k), Aya Cash (You’re the Worst is an unexpected delight), and¬†Elizabeth Reaser (wonderful in everything she’s in, including my brother’s film One & Two).

And, there’s one more fun¬†thing to keep an eye out for: our house!


That’s our bedroom, but¬†that’s not our quilt, and that’s definitely not Jarrod and me.

This past¬†February, we¬†turned our property¬†over to a production crew, dropped off our cats¬†with a friend (thanks again, Ben!), and checked into a hotel for 10 days. We had a wonderful staycation in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood while an episode of¬†Easy¬†was filmed at our house in Albany Park.

I have very little idea what transpired while we were gone, and I’ve heard only a few details about the show’s plot. Even if I didn’t know and love Joe, I would know and love his movies: they’re funny, candid, and¬†sweet without being pandering. So, I’m doubly excited to see the show.

After filming wrapped, we returned to a clean house and inquisitive neighbors. Only a few clues¬†remained to remind us that our home¬†was someone else’s for a spell: a stranger’s¬†pants in our closet, a production schedule¬†in our garage. One morning, several weeks later, I took a carton of eggs out of the fridge and discovered they weren’t my eggs: they were showbiz¬†eggs, neatly cracked and stacked.


Easy comes out on Netflix on Thursday, September 22. Let’s all watch it and keep an eye out for omelettes.