Colors & Patterns in Merida, Mexico

Jarrod and I visited Mexico at the end of March.  This was our third time meeting up with a group of friends in Puerto Morelos, a low-key beach town on the east side of the Yucatán Peninsula.  This year, the airfare was so steep — $330 per ticket in 2011 vs. $780 in 2013 — that we decided to extend our trip to make the expense seem more worthwhile. You know, spend more money to feel better about spending so much money. Our fiscal strategy has some flaws, it’s true.


Just as we were starting to think about our vacation addition, Colleen at There Comes a Yes posted about her trip to Merida.  I had never heard of Merida before: I did a bit more research and it sounded great, so that’s where we went.  Behold the power of the blogger! Jarrod and I are exhaustive planners, to a fault, and it was great to just say “Yep, that’ll do.”

Merida’s colonial architecture, in all its varying states of repair/disrepair, was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in person.  While I’m not usually drawn to bright, colored patterns, the designs there were aged and muted and gorgeous.  I especially like the encaustic tiles and the hand-painted walls of Hotel Julamis, where we stayed.

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