Won’t you be my table?

Only 50 bucks?  This is probably a trap, designed to lure stylish 20-something urban females into sex slavery.

Email dispatched!  If I don’t make it back, someone please help Jarrod pay the utility bills, because he doesn’t know how.

2 thoughts on “Won’t you be my table?

  1. This made me chuckle. I often imagine really covert and complicated CL traps meant to lure me to my doom. I like to think it prepares me for anything. If I go in expecting a human size mousetrap board game and it turns out the seller was just a scuzzy dude who didn’t want to move his tenant’s/mother’s/roommate’s/girlfriend’s/exgirlfriend’s furniture than I still come out a winner while saving cash. It’s like doomsday projections. If you’re all prepared and the world keeps spinning, at least you’ve got a back stock of Spam and your family has not turned to zombies. I’ll be following your blog, if for no other reason than you are much better at linking information and correctly tagging and categorizing your posts. The other reason is because your projects easily look like something I should know how to do.

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